Our Vision

Al-Ahad Telecom Services vision is to earn Star Customer satisfaction through quality of service, value Added Offer, cost effective solutions and target oriented management.

Core Values

  • Al-Ahad Telecom Services will nurture long term relationship with our customers.
  • Al-Ahad Telecom Services will deliver innovative services that will contribute to our Customer's success.
  • Al-Ahad Telecom Services will observe world class Service Culture being predominantly a service based organization.
  • Al-Ahad Telecom Services will observe Quality Process and strive for continuous process improvement.
  • Al-Ahad Telecom Services will Invest in our people to create loyal, longterm employees and encourage them to balance their professional and personal lives.
  • Al-Ahad Telecom Services will provide growth opportunities to our employees in career path and will be an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).
  • Above all, Al-Ahad Telecom Services will foster a culture of creativity, learning, caring and belonging and will be a fun place to work.
Corporate business handshake between business partners

Our Human Capital

Al-Ahad Telecom Services is proud of its human capital who have been toiling consistently to garner a better performance and have risen to the challenges, which were faced by the organization on time to time in a successful manner. Our human capital is our key strength. We have always strived to create a favorable environment that encourages innovation within our organization. It is imperative for us to possess cross-disciplinary skills within Al-Ahad Telecom Services being a technologically engineering based service organization.
Al-Ahad Telecom Services takes pride in providing the most flexible, professional and highly skilled personnel telecommunications industry. A highly mobile staff allows the optimum usage of a wide spectrum of specialize communication skills. Our work force skill set is neutral with regard to manufacturer equipment and adaptable to new technologies. With minimal basic training and a detailed
Method of Procedure, we supply the required skills for installation of new technology quickly and efficiently. Our defined goal is to become a market leader in quality. In order to have a full understanding of quality, every employee must identify him with his duties and have a sense of responsibility for his work. Every employee at Al-AhadTelecom Services is responsible for the quality of his work.


Alahad is Providing Training and team programs

The challenges of today's markets can only be mastered through and with
skilled and highly motivated personnel.


Having installed team organization

We have "product teams" and "project
teams 'which coordinate every aspect of a product line and project. Each of these teams consists of specialists.


Frequent and regular trainings

i.e. computer and technical trainings, let us utilize modern technologies and serve our customers faster and better.


Al-Ahad Telecom Services

also provides opportunities to the students of
reputed institutions and universities to gain practical knowledge in the field
of Telecommunication through providing literatures, theory classes and onsite training by our engine

Objectives For The Future


Strength, independence, flexibility.


Focus on global strategy in Best ever services.


Openness for cooperation's in Standards as Customer need.


No compromise in quality and customer satisfaction.


Increased efforts and investments for even better and new services as well as cost- effective engineering solutions.


Leadership in technology, innovation, and quality through a highly motivated and skilled team.


365 Days Available

Our Teams Available for any day and night for work.



If you have any questions our support available 24 hours.


Big Teams

We have a big teams for any work and any time.