As an AI language model, I don’t have access to specific company policies or websites, including AL-AHAD TELECOM SERVICES SMC PRIVATE LIMITED. However, I can provide you with a general outline of what a refund and returns policy for an e-commerce website might include. Keep in mind that the actual policy may vary based on the company’s practices and local regulations.

Refund and Returns Policy for AL-AHAD TELECOM SERVICES E-commerce Website:

Eligibility for Returns:
Clearly state the conditions under which customers are eligible to request a return or refund (e.g., damaged product, wrong item received, defective product, etc.).

Timeframe for Returns:
Specify the timeframe within which customers must initiate a return request (e.g., within 14 days of receiving the product).

 Return Process:
Explain the steps customers need to follow to initiate a return request (e.g., contacting customer support, filling out a return form, etc.).

Product Condition:
 State the condition in which the product must be returned (e.g., unused, in its original packaging, with all accessories, etc.).

 Refund Policy:
Clarify the refund process and the timeframe within which customers can expect to receive their refund (e.g., within 7 business days after the returned product is received and inspected).

 Return Shipping:
 Indicate whether the company covers return shipping costs or if customers are responsible for shipping the product back.

Non-Refundable Items:
List any items or categories that are non-refundable (e.g., personalized items, digital downloads, etc.).

Explain the policy on exchanges (e.g., if the customer can exchange the product for a different item of equal value).

 Restocking Fee (if applicable):
If the company charges a restocking fee for returned items, clearly state the amount or percentage.

 Customer Support:
Provide contact information or a link to customer support for any inquiries or assistance with the returns process.

Remember, a clear and customer-friendly refund and returns policy helps build trust and confidence in your e-commerce website and encourages customers to make purchases with peace of mind. Always ensure that your policy is compliant with relevant laws and regulations.